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Why is the SMH Such a Toilet Bowl?

I have schooled you about the BBC Already so why not talk a little about the SMH?

Sydney’s toilet paper of record. The Sydney Morning Herald.

This isn’t me just writing a knee-jerk slander post.

There is a guy that I went to college with that his career of choice was what they call human factors. Kind of odd term right? I don’t really know what it is. I presume it is something like making things where human beings work more effective and more graceful for the human. But they probably look at a lot of big gvt infrastructure spaces (Like Train Stations) with maybe a mathamatetic / scientific / engineering lens.

Well because I do media and have been for a long time. I have all of these like unique perspectives on how that works. I have really told the world that I am going to specialise in understanding is media. That was my career choice. And thats what I do, I try and look at media from both the spiritual lens and also that left hand maths / Engineering / Science lens.

So this isn’t me just writing a slander post trying to throw dirt on the SMH. I’m trying to tell you what is going wrong there.

Australia is very corporate. It is still a nation with a lot of growth to do. So a very common life format is parents working for a corporate. Paying a mortgage. Raising a family. And living off the corporate salary. All good and well but realistically in areas like Corporate, Mortgages – we see the box model. So as soon as people are trapped in a life box model they have to start doing things like lying – why to fulfil they desires. Thats how the universe works. Either you choose holy and work toward helping your creator unravel your being in his creation. Or you play black and white block chess your whole life. Never played block chess? Every piece is a cube. Not my kind of game.

I won’t make this post any longer than it needs to be. That’s what the SMH is. All of the Australians Working in corporates thats their outlet. So if you are a senior PR Exec. Access to the SMH. Is part of your bread and butter. But what are you as a being? You are really still serving money at that stage. So I look at the SMH in Australia most days. I know what it is spiritually and structurally because thats what I know from my work.

It’s really an effluent stream. People think their lives are sustained by money so cling to the corporates. These corporates establish bad cultures. They pollute the SMH until the news becomes so corrupt it is not believable or convincing. It tries to erect a facade of goodness which, being honest effort appreciated. But it is simply too closely tied structures that bake unholiness in. Thats what the established jewish commercial systems achieve in Australia.

So I check out SMH some days. I decode it. It’s not that great. Its an effluent pipe into your mind. Not going to do much about it other than search for better options. Equally horrible to the BBC.

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