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Why we spoke out against the 2017 Gay Marriage Vote in Australia

Kevin Rudd Sausage In The Eye
Kevin Rudd Sausage In The Eye

I didn’t feel any hesitation in speaking out against the 2017 Same Sex Marriage vote.

Anybody reading the media must have felt there was a peculiar focus on homosexuality for a protracted period of time.

So I smelled a rat and I began to speak and there was a very legitimate, valid reason to do so.

The wisest thing I had said to me by a taxi driver at the time was “All of a sudden if you speak out against homosexuality at the dinner table you are presumed to be the immature one.”

And he is right, the people who speak against it are labeled “Homophobic” A word that did not exist before 1980.

Use of word Homophobia

Use of word Homophobia

So Im going to voice my two concerns with the campaign, which I believe history will look back on as a targeted etheric attack against a community of traditional people.

1) My first concern about the campaign is when you study esoteric material you learn that the forced feminisation of men is practised in occult circles. So the concept of being ‘Born This Way’ is fraudulent and the extent to which homosexuality is shoved in peoples faces you would Never be able to tell in the modern media environment whether people are born that way or swayed that way from an early age. What is most disturbing is the methods by which homosexualisation is forced on people, through economic austerity, violence and coercion. If you don’t believe that this is the case, and you haven’t studied a Grimoire or esoteric material, I don’t want to hear from you. Yes, homosexuality is forced on populations by forces high within the banking and government structures. Many people who comply do so out of weakness. This force is so sick, that if they do not homosexualise you with in your life span, they will do it when you are dead and fabricate your homosexuality anyway.

2) This is the most pertinent part of our objection to the government and media handling of the process. If you study the messages our ancient ancestors have passed down to us in so many places such as the very structure of the pyramids. One of the things they encode and intend to perpetuate is knowledge and wisdom of the structure of the traditional human family. It is abundantly evident that the media and government push to force homosexuality on a population was a deliberate attempt to destroy this very structure. Elites are attempting to attack the structure of the traditional family in Australia as means to weaken the family as a centre of strength and to weaken the population as a whole.

You may not believe the above points, but there was a time I would have not believed them myself. It is only through study of occult materials and esoteric messages passed down by my ancestors that taught me that homosexualisation of populations is practiced with intent.

To the people in the gay community, don’t take these points as an attack on your way of life. If anything we should look to the Gay community itself to call for responsibility in communications on these issues.

So on a personal level I don’t have problem with Gay people at all. Have worked with many and have taught classrooms full of them. In those days working as a teacher in Thailand, none of the students grades were influenced by their gender or sexuality. If they tried hard and spoke English well, they got good grades which is just the way society should be.

But don’t try to tell me that it is a simple issue that we should all blindly back. It is far more complex than that and the way Australian media handled it was irresponsible, dangerous and in many ways violent.

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