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Wikipedia Brief

I Don’t Need To Write Much On This.

The Information Presented On Wikipedia Is So Inaccurate. So Corrupt. So Foul.

That It’s Reasonable To Presume. It’s Created By A Cult. Endeavouring To Administer The Lands Under A Corrupt Order. 

General Advice Would Be Don’t Take Its Pages Too Seriously. 

I Still Use It To Introduce Myself To Some Concepts. The Best Of My Knowledge Comes From Having A Connection To God.

You’ll Notice Days After I Published A Jimmy Fails Image. They Launched A Fund Raising Drive.

Like With Facebook. I Have Had To Publish Death Purge Orders. I Don’t See The Need To Do So With The Publication Not Taking Personal Information And Just Presenting Information.

Realistically You Are At Liberty To Present What Ever Information You Please If You Feel It Is Accurate. You May Find You Don’t Have So Much Liberty. If Your Agenda Is Dark. Such As Operating A Peoples Lands Under A Violent Dark Order.

My Guess Would Be The Writing Is On The Wall For The Publication And Some Force Would Intervene At Some Point.

Hence The Urgent Need To Rake In Money At The Last Minute.

Truth Is, They Say It’s Human Edited. It’s Probably Connected To Archon Jew Pig Brain Rape AI. They Will Probably Torch It At The End Of Time. Take What They Can.

We Wont Be Mimicking The Concept. We Already Build Intelligence Platforms And Have More Projects In The Pipeline That Will Guide People On How To Conduct Themselves On The Land And Serve As Knowledge Distribution And Education Platforms.

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