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Wikipedia Decode

This Is A Wikipedia Decode. To Prepare For A Soon To Come Deeper Teaching On The Purpose Of The Internet. 

So I Said In This Article. The Information On Wikipedia. Is Such A Joke. You Can Only Take It So Seriously.

So The Full Read Is:

Divine Cleansing Eye Gateway Eye Saturn Energy Doorway Eye Divine. 

So It’s An Eye Curse. It’s A Saturn Blocking Eye Box Energy Curse. With The Key Letters Being Ped. 

And It’s A Saturn Jew Pig Archon 666 Cult Cleansing Operation. Which You Know How Little We Care About Jew Swine Cleansing.

In Another Article I’m Going To Talk A Bit More About Taking Historical Information From Wikipedia. Fraught With Danger. Don’t Take It That Seriously. They Will Cut And Run A Some Point And Pull It.

Next – I Will Do A Deep Decode For You So You Can Understand The Deeper Purpose Of The Lower Synthetic Etheric Web.

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