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You Are Now Entering The Halls.

I recently Announced a new media format. Called Entering the Halls.

If you have followed my Work. I Entered the halls once myself. Not for being judged. For Judging.

So now the halls are mine. Because I had the gumption to fight for them. Whilst you were banking on eternal wealth on the back of your Taylor Swift Ticket Sales.

They say that for one to enter the halls one must know mysterious things. Like the Charms of Osiris. Either that or I might just come along and pick you up and throw you in em. Real mysterious like.

But It’s not just about halls. There are the halls of Judgement. There are other halls also. There are also doors. Windows. Roofs. Which some cheeky buggers habitually make in triangle shapes. There are floors and there are Columns. Corridors. Waiting rooms. I’m not going to keep boring you with architectural talk.

But. I own them all also. Mine. The Halls. The Roofs. The Columns. The Mirrors. All Mine. Go fuck yourself.

This is to say It may not be the end for you if I put you in the Halls. Because after the halls their may be a corridor. Or a Ceiling. Its Complex. Yes.

So what is Entering the Halls Going to be about and how it is going to work?

Essentially If I say you are in the Halls you are in the fuckin halls. And what am I gonna do? Nothin. Im going to sit back and watch while your judgement takes place. It may take weeks. It may take years. Thats the nature of how the creator and his servants need to work with light.

So I don’t have a heap of people to throw into the judgement halls just now and Im going to be straight. Its a special place. I may throw you in the halls and you may think that you have already passed your judgement on this plane. So frustrating yes? But again this is just us throwing you out to the world and saying. Explore this person and their work.

So thats it yall. Someone Be about to Enter them soon.

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