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Youtube (Google /Alphabet) liabilities will be set at £10 per broadcast view in the UK for coordinating curse culture crimes.

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In other posts we have detailed the occult activity that has taken place within the Google Corporation and at companies like Youtube. I won’t detail it again for this post but in summary the intent of the Youtube platform is to act as an adversary of God’s people. The intent of the platform is to spread unholy beliefs, misinformation, lies, deceptions with the sum total purpose of acting as a curse against our humanity.

So now that is known – what will the consequences be. Myself operating as one of the few sovereigns who has chosen to speak for the future of our people regardless of the costs to me – will set suitable penalty rates for such crimes in our nations. It is my hope that others that have the same obligations in their nation will follow suit with suitable penalty proposals.

What we suggest is suitable in the lands of the UK, or lets go one by one. England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. For every view that has been broadcast in these nations Youtube will be accountable for liabilities of £10 per view. Needles to say the sum total of the penalties they will face will mean their continued operations will be unviable. Their debts will reach into the billions, probably more. This means that regardless of the glitz and Glam that youtube participate in, if you are a Christian of the lands of England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales. Youtube answer to you. If you don’t like what they broadcast tell them.

Youtube is part of a corporate conglomerate that sought to build systems of cursing, hexing suppression around the traditional peoples of these lands. They will now be involved in the winding down of the platform and judgement for the harmful outcomes of their malicious intents.

We have attached some broad data on viewership numbers so you can get a sense of their future liabilities.

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