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Youtube Parental Warning

This Is Just A Brief Extension Of A Previous Warning That We Have Published On Youtube.

We Have Warned Parents With Android And Apple Devices Who Allow Their Children To Run Youtube.

It Occurred To Me Recently, Thinking About Videos I Watched On Youtube Years Before.

They Are Designed To Induce Fear. And Suicide In Beings.

So If You Let Your Children Watch It From A Young Age. As They Try To Grow Into Strong Independent Spiritual Beings. The Jew Cults In America WIll Try To Curtail Them. And If They Fail To Reduce Your Children’s Strength And Capability. With A Ton Of Dubious Methods They Practice. They Will Try And Suicide Them Using Mental Harassment And Violence Techniques On Youtube.

It’s Our General Advice That Parents Try To Initiate Children Into A Different Light Than What Comes From Youtube. 

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