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Youtube’s Advertising Offering Is Targeted Abuse

I’ve Done Heaps Of Work On YouTube.

I Am Writing Up A Big Piece On Media Consumption As A Lesson, To Teach Youngsters On How To Manage Media Consumption And Promote Mental Strength.

In Some Respects, Bitching About It And The Going back And Constantly Watching is Not The Solution.

But Again, Media Broadcasting Is Not A Sin. Its Actually A Technology Our Peoples Developed And Should Remain Primary Custodians Of.

Just So That You Know, The Advertising Component Of Youtube Is Violently Abusive.

It’s So Abusive, It Literally Takes Data From Your Street Activity And Then Targets Occult Advertisements At You. 

Run A Decode Of You / Me. And You Will Know How The Cults Think About This.

And Recalibrate Your Relationship With Media Based On That Decode.

Not Going To Do Heaps Of Work On This.

Going To Publish A Short Death Purge Order For The Corporate Behind Youtube. The Same Like We Did With Facebook / Meta.

Going To Also Publish Warning For Corporates Running Targeted Abusive Ads On The Platform.

Will Drop That Media Advice Piece Soon.

As You Heard In A Recent Post, I No Longer Publish To The Platform. Working On Making All Video I Produce Self Hosted. It’s Not So Hard The Tech Is Cheap Now. You Should Do The Same.

I’ll Also Write About Youtube Organic Component Which Is Also Perpetual Occult Abuse.

Ultimately This Issue Will Be Resolved With The Hard Elemental Death Purge That Is Taking Place In The USA, And As We Have Said Of Other Conduct / Technology. There Is No Chance We Will Allow Future Generations To Be Subjected To Such Spirit / Conduct Technology.

As A Final Piece Of Advice, Use Tools To Rip Media From The Platform And Build Up A Database Of Media You Like.

Will Publish Out Follow Up Posts On This Soon.

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