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Advising A Complete Prohibition Of Japanese Medical And Pharmaceutical Products

The Nation Of Japan Is Considered A Curse Nation. It’s A Nation Whose People Wage An Occult War Against Us. The Japanese People Have Lost The War Against Us. Again.

As A Consequence We Will Be Heavily Curtailing The Nations Commercial Activities And Limiting Their Access To Our Nations.

Japanese Are Not Fit To Manufacture Medical Products For Our Markets, Pharmacies Or Hospitals. At This Point We Advise A Complete Freeze Of Trade Of These Products.

Our Hospitals Are Forbidden From Sourcing Medical Supplies Or Medications And Pharmaceutical Products Of Any Kind From Japan. Corporations, Hospitals Or Individuals Currently Importing Any Type Of Medical Supplies From Japan Are To Cease Operations. Any Being That Continues Will Be In A State Of Criminality Against Our Nation And Our People And Will Face Repercussions.

The Japanese Are Not Mentally Fit To Produce Medications For Our People And Conspire Murder Against Us. They Build Occult Hexes Into Their Medical Products. Their English Level And Comprehension Of Our Language And Alphabet Is Not At A Level That Is Acceptable To Provide Such Advanced Life Critical Products.

This Order Relates To All Of Our Nations Who Are Now Prohibited From Trading, Importing Or Using Japanese Origin Medical Products In Our Markets. We Also Strongly Advise All Of Our Partner Asian Nations To Prohibit The Importation Of Japanese Origin Medical Products And Scale Back Relations With Japan As Punishment For Conspiring War Against Our People.

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