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All People Of African Descent will Be Subject to Forced Repatriation Orders and will face Compulsory Deportation.

Sometimes what happens with experience is that the correct understanding of what has transpired takes a while to creep in. These are actually thoughts that I was aware of along time ago. But they have just clicked. The whole scenario has just clicked.

Its a Scenario that involves film, technology, medical hierarchies and other elements.

At this point in Australia’s journey people of African descent are not morally and spiritually fit to be working in Australian Hospitals.

Regardless of social or political reasons that people of African descent are based in Australia 100% of African Migrants will be deported and allowed to enter the country again once they have been reviewed in their own lands.

There have been men of African Descent essentially taking intelligence by forces using military grade technologies.

I will be fleshing this out in much more detail soon using occult sources, but its a big topic and it will take time amongst other priorities.

All Melanated Men and Women From the Continent of Africa Based in Australia are Bound By Blood Purge Orders and will be deported.

This is as a consequence of following orders from occult forces within Australia’s Hospitals System.

I was going to take a very different position on this actually seeing Africa As a Place we could source nursing talent. The dishonourable conduct a few will cause upheaval in the lives of Many African families in our nations.

All People of African Descent are bound by on Street Execution Orders Until They have returned home. During the time of Judgement No African Deaths in the lands of Australia should be investigated. There Will be great suffering coming To the African People For the dishonour they have caused my family during a time where I was trying to spend private time with my ageing father in his last years.

Life is a bit of a strange one, people think they are being intelligent by snooping but they are only really taking material that will harm them long term. In my small business, i’ve never even called a competitor on the phone to snoop, which happens to us almost daily. I rely on doing good things, working hard etc etc… There are not many who do that.

100% Of African Migrants who have been naturalised in Australian Will Have their position reviewed most likely annually. 100% of African Migrants on Visas now need to return to their homeland regardless of the political situation there.

Maybe a day will come where I have the chance to Visit a Hospital in Africa and witness them conducting themselves honourably in their own lands, using just their hearts, minds and healing skills. When that day comes we will resume our relations with Africa in a social and medical context. Unfortunately what they have decided to do in Australia is engage in a game of politics with inherently good people using occult means. The length and extent of those occult means are unfortunately abominable. Which I will get to.

I would advise people in this nation to seek hospitals where African men are not employed for their own safety.

I will most likely be extending these orders to other nations in our lands.

I will be revising our repatriation advice for people of African Descent in all of our nations to unpaid forced repatriation.

During the time of Judgement the on street execution method is that mens throats are slit ear across and their blood is left to flow into the earth. No African deaths should be investigated by beings engaged in self defence. This repatriation is however a civil one and should be managed as others are being managed. In other words if you are an African migrant in our nations you should now be making enquiries as to how to return home.

The African people are looking for opportunities around the world and feeling constrained and frustrated. For the time being they are going to have to seek those opportunities on their own continent.

I have never personally directed my affairs or sought to rectify my personal issues through covert bugging of other peoples private affairs. The African people like any other will not progress in this world by doing so.

If Nations such as Italy, France, UK or any other nations wish to execute on these orders they are welcome to do so.

Due to the conduct of the…lets just say black men in my presence over the past years, Australia will be taking an acute approach to our relations with Africa. A day might come where this changes. But it won’t change with military grade technology. Again, I have never sought to rectify any of my affairs, or succeed by ‘breaking’ into peoples homes, bugging them, engaging in covert communication. Its just about working hard, trying to project out from within you what is good so others are free to judge and hoping other people like what you do.

The African people are no longer in a position where they can play politics with Australia. In this time where they have attempted to become part of our society they have failed. Next time you return I would suggest you come back with a different telephone.

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