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Australians Pre Priming Collective Consciousness To Protect Against Surgical Suffering is NOT being pedantic or over protective.

They want you to believe that Transgenderism is some cutting trend.

They want you to believe that it comes with profound occult wisdom consciousness boosting outcomes. Like it is part of Gnostic Masonry.

Do you think that the transgender clique want to engage in a deep data driven conversation about topics like:
– Does hormone use lead to increased cancer risks?
– Does hormone use lead to any specific later life disease.
– Is Hormone abuse chemically castrating yourself?
– Does hormone abuse effect your spiritual growth.

I could keep going on but the truth of the body impacts is that it is heavy shit.

So please don’t tell me that warning and discussing this in a medical context is being pedantic or over protective. It is not.

I would say my medical views are so not extreme that having these topics taught in late high school may save some of our people suffering later in life.

So pre priming consciousness in movies and the like that transgenderism is really exploitation of the person subjected, that it is super harmful to your being is not being a prude at all. We need to relegate the transgender trend to absolute niche occultism that is rarely practiced. I appreciate that you cant forbid people from doing as they please with their bodies. I’ve said I can see why these things happen in some communities. Im sure some transgender from female to male to reduce chances of sexual assault. Its a survival trick in some cases looking down the micro lens. But down macro it is robbing individuals of spiritual growth potential and it is designed and deployed to rob whole communities of spirit through deception.

If you want to know how tardoed the fuck tards that run the tarded BBC are. I put some words down that give medical advice to people that are a part of the so called transgendered community. People that in much part have been brain bonked and force fucked over the luny line. And the BBC wants us to believe Im playing petty parent. Light bulb moment fuck tards. All the little girls that live up there in the mountains of the nations you have been in and out of with armaments for the last 300 years. Well those so called infidels, obviously teach their women and children of the sacredness and holiness of their heads. YOU. CLEARLY NEGLECTED TO DO THAT. And now you send all your little brain bent monsters abroad to plunder for your corporations. No wonder we are calling that they be sent back.

Anyways I don’t like to give heaps of time to this topic because there are others that are more deserving. But I think the UK got a bit lost in sexual liberty. You can go too far. Flipping genders and encouraging other to do so with out warning of the long term surgical suffering is just that. Too far to be mainstream, accepted and widely practiced.

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