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Brief On Prevention Of Future Forced Medical Suppression Events.

Our Lands And Our People Prohibit Forced Occult Medication Events Such As The Forced COVID-19 Vaccinations.

The Nature Of The COVID-19 Vaccinations Is That They Were Executed By Cults Try To Abuse Our Being To Gain Temporal Superiority By Downwardly Transmuting Our Spirit Eyes.

I Will Be Providing A Seperate Decode Of COVID-19 In A Seperate Article.

Our Media Has Always Spoken Out Against COVID-19 And The Material Is Still Live And Public On The Internet.

In The Event Of Future Attempts Of Forced Vaccination.

Our People Are Briefed And Permitted To:

– Publicly Distribute The Names, Addresses, And Details Of Family Members Including Children Of Doctors And Government Officials That Authorise And Execute Such Events.

– Engage In Prosecution Of Doctors And Public Officials That Authorise Such Events.

– Engage In The Physical Curtailment Of Medical Practitioners And Government Officials Who Authorise Such Events. Including Preventing Their Course Of Travels, Restricting Their Access To Public Areas And Forbidding Their Entrance To Hospitals And Medical Buildings.

– Our People Can Assemble The Appropriate Equipment From Leaders In The Farming And Teaching Communities And Engage In The Elemental Purging Of Negligent Murderous Medical Practitioners With Projectile Elemental Steel.

Ultimately We Aim To Encourage A Stronger Independent Media So That Future Orchestrated Media Events Like This Are Suppressed At The Media Level.

In Addition To Flagging Nations Who Are Implicated In This Event, We Believe From Recollection That The Formal Roman Catholic Church Backed This Event. At This Point We Believe That It’s Appropriate To Authorise Members Of Society To Target Members In The Roman Catholic Church Who Permitted This Event With Suppression And Retribution Violence For Their Bad Spirit Toward Humanity.

More Coverage Of The Criminality Around COVID-19 Coming Soon. 

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