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Clarifying Our Thai Medical Repatriation Orders

This is just a quick clarification for the People of Thailand on why I am giving these orders.

During the time my Pops was in Hospital in ICU, there was a Australian Nurse who had trainees Under her.

One day, one of those trainees was a Thai Transgender.

It didn’t effect the situation. The Senior Nurse handled it well.

This happened a few years ago now, but as I am part of a general clean up of medical standards in Australia am dealing with it now.

However the Conduct of the trainee was completely unacceptable for a hospital situation.

If Australian Hospitals can trace down who was responsible you will find people un-fit to work in hospitals.

The people of Thailand need to be informed that stupid games in Hospital ICU are completely unacceptable in our culture. The level and standard of Medical Staff that are coming out of Thailand is not of a suitable standard to be working in our hospitals.

We would advise all hospitals to minimise exposure to Thai Staff. For Thai Medical Students and staff to be repatriated. And for Thailand in time to communicate with the rest of the world how it manages the quality of its outbound medical workers.

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