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COVAG-18 EMERGENCY International Vagina Inspection #3 – England

In England COVAG-18’s Triagonal virus cluster have taken a deep hold on the English Vagina. So deep in fact that they look like boring through the other side resulting in a condition known as Fistula. This condition normally caused during child birth now found in England entirely due to the outbreak of COVAG-18. So even though there is absolutely nothing of goodness or decency being born of the English vagina we are still going need to clean up their shit in the long run.

You know that feeling when you are a school teacher and there is just that one student in the classroom that you are just not going to be able to squeeze a lot of light out of. But you’re still going to have to run around after them and clean up their shit? Thats England. You could stick these motherfuckers between a pair of union jacks for a century and over and still end up with nothing but jack.

It’s like a nation that has been hijacked by rogue sociopathic jew swine for hundreds of years and is too stupid, too useless and too retarded to do anything substantial about it.

While we work though the initial outbreak of COVAG we kindly ask English men to abstain from engaging in cunnilingus. With England’s fistula scenario and the possibility of Black Goo Gel present in the English Vagina English men who have been sticking their tongue in the holiest of holies may descend into talking evil dark shit.

Although the technical and Medical diagnosis is the Contraction of COVAG-18 resulting in Fistula. In plain english we just call the condition that England is coming to terms with ‘Shit Hole Cunt Tree.’

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