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COVAG-18 EMERGENCY International Vagina Inspection #4 – France.

Wow. Wednesday is a day for Exploring Frances Big Old Vagina.

You know what they say about the French.

Rude Cunts.

Arrogant Cunts.

And always only interested in using their own tongue? Oh boy. It is possible though. It’s a flexibility thing. Practice see how you go. Don’t blame me if you break a rib.

Now time for a little prose. Is France’s Vagina on the nose? Or under the Rose? Or is that in fact one and the same thing?

Giving France’s Vagina a clean bill of health is complex because when we look to the streets of France it can be Chaos. Riots and so on. But What would we know in Australia a Country with a fraction of the population and our only neighbour populated mostly by sheep.

Now I am somewhat apologetic for using the word Cunt so liberally in my writing lately. Enjoyable for now. It is a stage I will pass. One day. But sometimes I think that that is the hidden meaning of the French Flag. They’ve got the Red Cunts on the one side of them. And The Blue cunts on the other (Yes Germany. Blue Cunts). And their job is to be the only pure guys in the middle separating them. I don’t know. Just a guess.

But that is sometimes a truism about how I feel about the French Vagina. Sometimes their light is a little cleaner. Like they have been taking that little bit of extra effort with their big light vagina in the Sky. And even though earth has been overcome by Chaos as no doubt the French people would feel of their own nation. That maybe some of the people who have had spiritual responsibilities in the last generations did uphold them.

That is something that you can see in the light. Believe me. Those who watch are looking down on us all. And the ones we should care about watching us are not despicable. They wish for us to do the right things. To grow the right way.

So the French Vagina Doesn’t get a clean bill of health. It Get’s the sweet smelling Rose. For those who put that little bit of extra effort in to fight for light. Although that Rose is a Decoration thing. Not for keeping things under.

In concluding on a point of responsibility. Did you know in the 60’s women became concerned about the smell of their vagina and a trend for womens hygiene perfumes started. Then as it turned out a lot of those products caused bad skin problems and cancer etc. Keep it natural people. Organic. If I find corporations are applying corrosive chemicals to French Cunts Im going to be mad.

More in depth vaginal analysis coming soon.

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