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COVAG-18 EMERGENCY UPDATE – Christian Nations in Epic Battle to keep Dark Black Goo Gel out of Gods Great Gash.

As the So Called COVID-19 Pandemic sweeps earth effecting everyones day to day life now in our nations a new menace. The Sexually transmitted mutation of COVID-19. COVAG-18.

COVAG Manifests as a three pointed triangular shaped virus that forms in a range of colours including black and white, purple, black & blue.

When these nasty free roaming radicals enter the vagina they begin attacking the Vagina Walls. Leaving holes in the wall of the Vagina allowing other viruses and free radicals to enter and exacerbate the infection. Within under 10 days from the initial date of infection COVAG-18 can leave Vaginas, broken, corrupted, irritated and oozing. The resulting excretion caused by COVAG-18 known as Dark Black Goo Gel. Known in occult circles as a substance that can drive beings to pure evil.

Some believe that COVAG is being spread by curse cults on purpose to harvest the dark black goo gel excretions once infections become severe. So that they can then amplify their evil workings on earth.

Even though it is basic human nature in life when we speak upon or glance upon a vagina to chuckle or laugh. We cant impress enough on you how this is a serious issue.

COVAG-18 starts in the Vagina but ultimately works its way through the body all the way to the brain. Within a month after infection if it does reach the brain it can result in loss of normal human function, seizures & slobbering. Some doctors now believe that matured COVAG-18 Viruses that have travelled to the brain mutate once again into the Corona Virus. It could be said that one of the easiest way to damage the crown is through a vagina.

In public spaces supermarket chains like Woolworths are working hard to install Vagina protectors in public bathrooms. Gyms may have to temporarily prohibit Vaginas touching exercise equipment.

Put simply. Men and women everywhere need to protect each others vaginas. We will say this one last time so we are clear. This is a serious issue.

If we all pull together as a community then we will be able to prevent one small vaginal problem becoming a huge big gory gaping gash. We are all obligated from stopping unholy radicals entering gods great gash. And if we seal it up closed and keep all the nasties on the outside and leave the clean up to the CDC. Then one day some day in the future we can re-open our vaginas and allow re-entry to those who have tested negative.

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