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COVAG-18 Emergency International Vagina Inspection #1 – Sweden

The people of Sweden have been involved in the manufacture of sturdy and reliable vaginas for a considerable length of time.

One thing that we all know about Swedish Vaginas is that they are difficult to assemble unless you read the instructions first.

Sweden has at this stage tested as COVAG-18 free. The good news about Swedens Big Vagina is that they appear to be taking care of it.

Please note that this test is not Final. Inside of the Vagina is a very delicate and sensitive place. COVAG-18 can spread rapidly and coital complacency can lead to fast infections. If we see symptoms of COVAG-18 appearing in Sweden additional scans may be required.

Due to the delicacy and intimacy of this inspection and testing process we would ask all other nations to please be careful with Swedish Vaginas. We do not wish other nations irresponsible behaviour or recklessness to create a cross contamination situation and allow large numbers of Triagonal Free Roaming Radicals to enter the Swedish Vagina.

Our next Inspection will also be in Europe and due the the rapid spread of this Pandemic will be conducted soon.

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