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COVAG-18 EMERGENCY International Vagina Inspection #2 – Germany

Due to the rapid spread of the outbreak of COVAG I’m doing a few emergency vagina inspections in one day. Jesus people. It’s Only Monday and I have to deal with your dirty vaginas. Brothers about to request his wages paid. But due to the burden of business need both hands normally functioning just now.

Unfortunately our first scan on German Vaginas indicates there has been a severe infection. COVAG-18’s Trigonal Viral clusters have penetrated German Vaginas all across the lands of Germany. The infected region is now oozing the Black Goo Gel. We believe that Black Goo Gel is seeding evil itself in the lands of Germany. An advanced Industrial Nation awash with unholy holies is a danger to all other nations.

As a result of the infection we would kindly ask German Men and Women to:
– Clean their Vaginas Carefully.
– Make use of the BfArM approved vaginal protection hand grip.
– Remove all traces of Black Goo Gel from your Vaginas and rinse it down the drain.
– Keep a range of fly swatters in convenient places in your home, office and automobile so as the Trigonal Virus Clusters attempt to enter you vagina you can swat them away.

These are the basic precautions all families can take to protect your cunt tree from COVAG-18.

We believe some of the spread of COVAG to other nations even other continents has originated from Germany and their vaginal complacency.
As a consequence of the spread we ask all nations to closely monitor German Vaginas to ascertain if they contain traces of Black Goo Gel. Black Goo Gel transported via German Vaginas to any other nations could spell the beginning of the end for your own peoples future.

For German men the current COVAG-18 outbreak may sound like bad news for your bratwurst. See if you can find that ticket to the recital. I bet your last buck I’ve been better with the Bratwurst than those German boys. Might be time for them to Pop on the pink piece and practice those pirouettes. Until that happens. Germany’s big Vagina is under strict lock down. The risks of letting black goo gel spread are just far too great.

These Germans would have you believe that they occupy a Christian Nation. But I bet their Signs in the heavens are the same as those that drove Constantine. And I’ve sighted my fair share crouching…..hiding behind the same pillars. We know well that that is not the gateway we are looking for.

In concluding. From this view. Germany appears to be full of Dirty Cunts. I guess Hitler was right after all. Sometimes the the best strategy is to just send the boys to Scandanavia.

More mandatory vaginal inspections coming soon.

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