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COVAG-18 EMERGENCY International Vagina Inspection #5 Denmark.

Oh Boy. Back to Inspecting your Vaginas.

I don’t know why people have been contributing to those donations plates at your Roman Catholic Church. Im the one doing all the hard work.

Straight to it.

Danish Vaginas. Bloody.


Danish Vaginas. Bloody. Danish People. Proud. My Vagina. Bloody. Now Hold me. Dat’s how they Roll.

Your Danish Lady does not just want to experience her monthly cycle by herself. She wants you to be part of it also.

Imagine this. A Hot date. Romantic Music. Danish Girls. Tight Jeans. A modern Fusion Thai Cuisine Restaurant. Me. Thai Red Curry. Me with Silver spoon in hand. Ladling spoon fulls of Red Curry Sauce into my mouth. Right then. Right there. Said Danish Girl Makes her pitch. On the virtues of making love during Menstrual cycle.


Oh Boy. I struggle just Writing it.

Need Cleansing? Try picking up a Holy book. Abramelin the Mage Say. They’ll Paint it Blue in America. But the pages of mine were white. The text. Heavy Dark Grey. See what the mage has to say about the scenario.

But really people. There is no less love in my heart for for Denmark than Sweden. Beautiful Beautiful nation. While I was there I travelled to the Far North. Strawberry Picking. Where a plucky Danish Boy Picked a Strawberry Fight. I came out on top and he…….a whole bunch of Strawberry on his face. Don’t fuck with Stu the wrong way. They will learn one day. Copenhagen. Magical. Amazing City. Such fond memories.

The sad reality is though people. For the Danish People. That when there is Blood in the Holy Holie. It is no time for loving!

So on Denmark. I’m puttin on my white cotton muslim style sleeping moo moo. No head piece. And rolling over for a Snooze.

Best of luck with the clean up. Danmark.

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