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Good News Of Sorts

Good News of Sorts Guys. When My house got raided I just told the Piggers to go away. Didn’t pay any fines. In fact the day after I got raided I drove to nimbin and bought a few ounces. I figured good for stress.

Anyways last 2 years Ive been growing. And doing some testing with different natural therapies. I have found now a 3rd treatment which means my arsenal has expanded.

But the short of the long is. My strategy is working. I quit smoking joints like just before winter so Im 5 months in. Doing mostly edibles now and I have developed a few nice tricks to diversify how I take my edibles.

So taking back your biblical rights. Doing what you think is right. Can really be a life saver. Ive been experimenting with a bunch of different ways to medicate and this month now i’m using tiny amounts of my synthetic medication to the point i’m almost off it 🙂

Thats how sick the world you live in is. The medical profession is so sick it doesn’t even give you meds to stay alive. But slowly by studying myself, learning myself and practicing Im getting healthier surrounded by a world trying to kill us.

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