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Hard Elemental Death Purge Orders For COVID-19 Doctors

When We Find Out That There Is Occult Murder Taking Place In Our Nations It Is Part Of My Christian Obligations To Put An End To This Murder.

It Seems To Me From Media Communications That Doctors Are Acknowledging Publicly That COVID-19 Injections Are Not Positive For The Health. 

There Is No Circumstance That Then Any Class Or Race Of Beings Should Be Forced To Have Them. And There Is No Justification To For Example Force Workers To Take These Injections. 

For This Reason Im Putting COVID-19 Doctors Under Hunt Until Death Purge Orders.

Doctors That Continue To Force The Administration Can Be Subjected To Blood Violence On The Spot And Can Be Executed On The Spot. This Includes Execution By Compression And Forced Trauma To The Being Or Purging With Projectile Weapons.

In Situations Where Beings Feel Like They Are Being Forced The Injections, They Can Target The Medical Practitioner With Blows To The Skull. 

The People Of Our Nations Are Free To Distribute Address And Location Information About COVID-19 Doctors So That Their Whereabouts Are Known. This Includes Working Commercial Addresses And Private Residential Addresses. 

Doctors Who Are Found To Have Banking Records Illustrating Profit From The COVID-19 Pandemic Will Be Targeted In Occult Retribution Violence. Their Daughters Will Be Targets For Deep Elemental Blood Rape. 

Once Again, When We Identify Beings With Murderous Spirit Operating On Our Lands. It is Our Christian Obligation To End The Murder. It Is These People Who Choose To Conduct Themselves With Foul Spirit. 

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