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How Australia, Scotland, France and Italy are to manage Medical Staff.

This is General Guidance on how our hospitals are to recruit medical staff and scale hospital capacities.

All nurses that have reached senior qualification levels are to at all times have three Trainees working with them. Both Doctors and Nurses are to have training obligations that are ultimately designed to prepare new practitioners for services as quickly as possible. Trainees can be rotated between senior doctors and nurses. Similar systems already operate in Hospitals. Keenly aware.

As far as the spirit of training Nurses should work with it should be 100% pure giving. There is no need to compete when it comes to Medical Care.

As nurses responsibilities scale so is to their remuneration. There should be strong living comforts provided including in many cases provided accommodation. Essentially nurses should feel few financial limitations when it comes to their basic life comforts. This should start from training level and trainees should be sure to be residing in places that are peaceful and relaxing.

As I have specified that some of these systems are already in place, these elements may not be.

Nurses are strictly to be recruited from within
– Christian Churches primarily of catholic origin. Other denominations Acceptable.
– Christian Schools at High School / College Graduate level. Through the existing University System.
– Any Existing Established Medical Training Providers who have a history of Christian Practice.
– Unfortunately I am going to have to ask Australian Hospitals to completely stop considering taking on foreign nurses or doctors for now. We need to focus completely from within. There may be some nations where foreign medical practitioners will not be accepted from.

Ultimately what this will do in the short term is bolster the strengths and skill of our Nations Own Doctors and Nurses.

Conditions for Medical Practitioners need to be improved immediately. Petty things like parking, fees etc need to be eradicated right away.

Any Doctors or medical practitioner found fabricating, simulating any type of disease or medical condition will be terminated immediately.

The nature of our masonic testing begins immediately from the practice of truth. That is to say that if there is a nurse training a student, that is involved in spiritual testing as part of their long term training. That nurse will be expected to only pass down known, documented medical truths to the best of their capability.

Although this may seem like a far stretch. How can you say that? I would imagine that your average qualified medical doctor working in Australia should comprehend this and be able to execute. I would expect senior medical leaders to have been operating this way.

As travel restrictions correct, nurses & doctors may be able to gain exposure to higher levels of training through travel. Medical Travel and Training will only happen between very select international cities.

Unfortunately Australia has been opened too far by forces who both A – Had no right to do that and B did so for entirely the Wrong reasons. The same can be said of other nations.

What Im asking Christian Leaders in Australian Hospitals to do is.
– Take on more leadership responsibility for training and teaching.
– Expect the immediate abolishment of any falsified medical conditions from taking their training / learning or practice time.
– Expect that the management systems ensure that you have few financial impediments to your focus when working.

Im going to have to wrap this up now. This will be published as a policy outline and then refined in decrees. I am trying to give some direction in this area to fill the vacuum that might be caused by border closures. The decrees will be much more focused.

I think for a lot of the senior doctors and medical leaders in Australia this will not be perturbing, it should just make sense.

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