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Jews Across Earth to be subjected to Blood Punishments

These punishments are being prescribed for two reasons.
1. The Jews of Israel have not been sealed in the books.
2. The Jews of Israel have attempted to implement systems of control and oppression over our peoples.

People who seek to oppress or control us will be taken down.

These punishments apply to Jewish Men, Women and Children. Anywhere Jews are found walking in our Nations they are to face blood punishments.

I do speak a lot in the protection of children. However Children of the Jew Pig Cults are not protected. The Children of our Enemies are not protected. Their punishments will teach them not to betray our humanity later in life.

In Australia – Jewish Lawyers associated with the criminal system are to be purged. Remove them from their homes and kick their teeth in. Kick them with a violence.

In Australia Jewish Ashkenazi and Israelis will be prohibited from owning homes. Jews may be removed from their homes at any time and subjected to blood punishments.

Jews Associated with the financial services system are to be subjected to Blood Punishments. Australians are authorised to remove them from their homes and apply blood punishments.

Any Jew – Any Being that has given itself over to the saturnian cults can be punished. Kick its teeth in. Shed its blood on to the streets.

Any Jew that seeks to seize your rights based on fabricated events, kick its teeth in, cut its flesh.

Jewish Women working in Hospitals Can be subjected to punishments. Place their being on the Ground and Kick their teeth in. Shed their blood.

These are not me uttering words of violence but bringing forward the prophecy of the bible. There is an urgent need that we remove a sick force from our institutions that we can see with clarity is still there.

In Nations like America African American Men are likewise obligated to follow these orders. Or face judgement by the word of the bible. Jews are to be removed from all positions of power and influence in our nations.

These punishments are to cost blood, but according to the word of the bible they should not involve killing.

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