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Medical Brief: Australia Will Produce Metrics To Understand And Protect Communities from Excessive Elemental Spinal Compression.

This is the medical Brief  I promised a while back.

Because of the experiences I have had in Australia over the past few years with on-street harassment I have some contemplation of how we are going to actually address these issues as populations increase and businesses on streets Grow.

What this brief will do is provide medical communities a start on how to find the language to discuss these issues.

Keep in mind if you are reading this I don’t really study formal medical journals or know formal medical terminology. So the way I describe things is just from my own dialogue.

For a Number of reasons:
– The proliferation of Internet Technology
– The Increase In International Populations
– The Sizeable Populations of our nations surrounding us

Australia needs to Discuss and be involved in decision making on what I would Call Elemental Defence Systems. To ensure that Governments or Corporations do not enter the lands and implement systems that are designed to harm peoples on our lands.

The Main focus of this brief is what I describe as “Elemental Spinal Compression

I would define this as any event that causes a compression or required turning twisting of the human spine. An ‘Elemental Spinal Compression.’

Before I get into the Brief. I will give you some examples of Elemental Spinal Compression events. 

– You are on your private Balcony with your children. A Google Street Car Passes you. They tell you this is for mapping. Its not. It is military grade surveillance tech. So you stand and turn your head and track the car as it turns a corner to watch it. Yes this event is an elemental spinal compression and fair to be considered by you as a taxation on your day and your bodily energy.

– You are on your Street and an Aircraft Buzzes you or takes a route to cross your path on purpose. This is obviously a very extreme example. But yes it is a very serious elemental spinal compression event.

– Jeff Bezos Thinks He’s a Clever C*#T and wants to deliver your D-Vices By Drone. Your Neighbour Is in to that Book Learning Stuff and get deliveries almost daily. So as you rest in your room you hear Jeff’s Dirty Drones buzzing. The sound Actually annoys you. You have to cover your ears. That annoyance is an elemental spinal compression.

– You notice that on the streets as you drive. One particular brand of automobile follows you. It becomes an annoyance so you are always checking. This I guess transgression from the operators of that brand constitutes an Elemental Spinal Compression strain against your being.

– This is a strange one. But Just a Random example of Corporate Decision making. A Burrito Delivery Company Decides to Install a unique Mexican Style Toot Horn in all of their drivers cars. After every delivery they toot their horn as they drive away. Your neighbour has a taste for Mexican munchies which means you do a lot of head turning when you hear that Mexican tune. You are being taxed in your bodies energies based on that companies choices.

They Are The Examples Now I will give you the Problem and then the Brief.

The obvious issues is the elemental spinal compression or excessive compression has health implications. Stress, fear, sleep loss, overall health degradation. In fact Im sure we could assume the ongoing impacts of harassment are quite serious. My belief is that dark forces in foreign nations are practicing this harassment against beings in our lands and their intention is serious physical harm.

Medical Brief: Elemental Spinal Compression And Physical In Public Consciousness Harassment in the lands of Australia.
So as people go to walk, play, explore and enjoy the outdoors in Australian Parks, Beaches and Communities. Intentionally Orchestrated, maliciously intentioned, harmful human harassment events are minimised. No. Eradicated.  I want all medical professionals in Australia to be armed with the correct language and understanding of this issue. One thing foreign nations are doing in the lands of Australia is running harassment programs. This is being done by dark cults in foreign lands. We need to establish protections from things like internet harassment in the form of tools, policies, practices so on and so forth.

When I drive to our local university hospital on the Sunshine Coast. There is a medical operation where they are doing advanced internal brain scanning. So we in our medical operations do have this advanced wisdom on the effects of different stimulations of the brain. Obviously medical professionals know that ongoing or unneeded harassment to the mind causes health degradation. So the purpose of the brief is to

– Establish the appropriate language and terminology to discuss the issue
– Establish the appropriate medical testing and measurement medical technologies to test the issue
– Establish the Outcome (Ensuring Australia stays a peaceful enjoyable nation for all of its residents.)
– Ensure that going forward in board rooms both in Australia and foreign nations. Appropriate decisions are made based on the problem we have defined and the language and tools we have chosen to use to address the problem.
– Ensure that through the broad-spread media of all nations, like wise the problems is explored, discussed and resolved.

So this is the brief. Australia’s neighbours nations with populations in excess of hundreds of millions of people. The proliferation of internet technologies and digital start up culture puts our peoples at risk from nefarious foreign influence. The use of this technology to practice Physical In Public Consciousness Harassment is so bad that I have had to tell people if they don’t cease they are at risk of violence in our lands. The harassment is so bad that what the people practicing intend or hope for. Is that the victims either give up on their work or suicide.

I hope that BOTH the broader Media and Medical entities pay attention to this brief and that the issues start to come through more in media.

My focus is thinking on what we can erect as ecospheric and elemental protections against foreign entities with malicious intent in the lands of Australia. So that every decent Australian that goes out to enjoy their day enjoys it without undue targeted harassment.

I promise you that the harassment I have experienced myself over the past 3 years would drive your teenage children to suicide. So how long until they are targeted? Whos Choosing? And what will happen when it starts?

Everybody loves a beautiful car. Everybody is interested in trendy tech. But the greatest importance is to ensure that in an environment where this stuff is increasingly proliferated that the primary thing that is cared for and protected in our lands is the beings quality of life and experience.

Thats it guys brief complete. This is kind of a new focus for me. Interesting medical topics here. This is nailing a lot of broad tech discussion down to a really narrow specific focus. We should ensure and you should ensure if we have citizens with genuine harassment concerns they are listened to and heard. And what I hope is that in board rooms people take this issue seriously and are able to discuss it and make intelligent and mature decisions backed by good tools and data.



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