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Our Nations Will Remember COVID-19 As A Criminal Event

This Is Just A Short Post That The Collective Body Of Information That Society Has Posted On COVID-19 Indicates That The Event Was A Criminally Orchestrated Event.

We Have Flagged A Number Of Nations We Believe To Be Involved. We Will Be Flagging More Soon.

We Believe That Doctors Who Complied With This Event Should Be Investigated, Curtailed And Deregistered.

We Will Be Publishing Specific Decodes Of What COVID-19 Was On Our Medical Media And Recommendations On How To Prevent Future Medical Crimes In Our Lands In The Future. 

We Believe That On The Whole, Media Should Portray This Event As A Crime, And Remember COVID-19 As A Purposeful Occult Medical Crime Against Our People. 

To Read More About The Purpose Of COVID-19 Read Our Post On Pharma.TV

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