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Thailand Medical Tourism Advisory

Previously I Have Recommended Travelling To Thailand For Medical Tourism Purposes.

Now That I Have Had A Deeper Look At The Occultism Thais Practice.

I Generally Wouldn’t Recommend Going Under The Knife In A Nation Like Thailand.

They Don’t Seem To Be A Peoples That Respect Our Lives And I Would Suggest It’s Too High Risk To Go Under The Knife In A Nation Like Thailand.

Being Honest. In All The Years I Travelled In Thailand. There Was Much Much More Occultism Going On Than I Was Conscious Of.

It’s Sad That People Like Thai And Japanese People Probably Can See Our Spiritual Faculties And Strengths From The Day We Step Foot In Their Lands. And Instead Of Endeavouring To Partner And Create Together They Endeavour To Murder.

It Is Best We Focus On Cleaning Up Our Own Hospital And Medical System And Get Rid Of Rampant Corruption And Low Ball Occultism Before Sending Our People Into Harms Way In Foreign Nations Like Thailand.

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