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New Zealand Compliance With International War Crimes will lead to Re-Establishment of Scottish Regiment Within NZ Military – No-one Harms Us With Impunity.

It seems at some point in decades past the NZ Government have scrapped the Scottish Regiment within the NZ Military. 

Due to the nations complacency and compliance with crimes against the peoples of foreign nations, this regiment will be re-established within the NZ Military to oversee all future Military Operations NZ Participates in. 

Failure to do so will only make the criminal implications of the NZ Governments recent Military activity more acute.

For the next 100 years NZ Will be forbidden from participating in any military exercises or activity without the presence of this Regiment within their Armies. The Regiment will be fully funded by the NZ Governments Military Budget And will provide opportunities for Scottish Leaders Based in NZ and throughout the world to be part of the activities of that regiment.

The Regiment can be involved in training exercises with the standing NZ Military and any of the traditional Maori leaders that participate in any type of defence or intelligence activities.

For the Maori People Please don’t take discussion about establishment of European Military Regiments as Going in the Wrong Direction. I don’t want to bastardise the cultural heritage of the Maori People, being honest I haven’t studied it deeply enough. I just think it is interesting that There seems to be word connection between the Maori people and the word Moor in other Languages. The Moors originated from Northern Africa and were both Melanated and Caucasian peoples who were Muslim. Anyways it is said that King James Charles Stuart was one of the few European Kings that had Moors consulting him in his court. Probably wise if he wanted to maintain trading relations with Africa.

So Scottish and Maori May have a more distant shared history than you think. I am going to research those word connections more deeply. In giving this directive please don’t think more colonialism. Just think re-establishment of old ways and standards. I’m sure you gentlemen will find common ground and things to chat about. Like how to fold your skirts and what not.

Im sure the People of NZ understand this directive and I would suggest it is discussed and executed on before full relations resume between Australia and NZ. It may help in resolving some of the issues we have faced with the trans-tasman bubble. There seems to be some strange politics going on between Scotland and NZ now and being frank I don’t think it is appropriate or fitting. I don’t think NZ is in a position to play those politics. I want to know why this regiment was dissolved and why these low politics exist between these two nations.

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