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What is the Truth about the SS? Hitlers Elite Soldiers?

I really don’t know. But I wanted to share two thoughts with you so you can make up your own minds. With world war two, I have read the official story. Don’t expect that that will give you all the answers. You understand WWII Much better when you start getting into Masonic Symbolism. I don’t think I will ever understand all of what it was about.

Anyways, to anyone who studies symbolism. SS would seem like a gateway to unholiness. They wore jack boots. But realistically any infantry is made up of men not thought to be spiritually great. So that is one lens. Unholy troopers and generally the lens that is chosen for Hitlers SS.

But I see it through another lens which complicates things. I formed the view somehow that SS comes from a Latin Phrase Sensu Stricto – In the Strictest Sense. So there were a lot of bad elements around europe in those times and what the spiritual higher ups decided to do is conduct some type of separation.

What people often conclude, that the Nazi Loss of the war resulting in the formation of Israel. And The jews in Trains being for populating Israel is wrong. What Israel was was the deportation of all of the Bad Spirited, low people. So all those jew swine liars in Australia who told you the stories of how their parents fled the Holocaust to Israel. Well they were the evil ones.

During that time my family were put in a camp in Egypt and sent to Australia, obviously to be a part of building a new nation.

So to me SS Means ‘Carry out this undertaking in the strictest sense’ – or Something so bad is happening here that we have to move urgently to defend our people.

Sounds a bit like today doesn’t it?

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