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3 Japanese Curse Corporations Not Fit To Continue Operations.

These Are 3 Japanese Curse Corporations Unfit To Continue Operations On Earth.

  • Sony
  • UniQlo
  • Taisho Pharmaceutical

All Of Their Operations In Our Nation’s Need To Be Wound Up. They Are Unfit To Operate In Our Lands And Continuation Of Their Operations In Japan Pose A Risk To Our People. Any Asian Nation That Continues Trade With These Corporations Risk Repercussions.

Any Resistance On The Winding Up Of These Corporations And Japanese People Within Can Be Subjected To Blood Violence.

From Here We Will Go On To Publish Japanese Car Manufacturer Purge Order And 2 Medical Purge Orders.

Japanese Have Failed Their End Times Judgement And Lost An Occult War Against Our Peoples. Their Punishments Are Just Beginning.

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