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A Top Secret about Thailand.

This is the secret I wanted to share with you about the Kingdom of Thailand.

You could describe the Kingdom as a principally Buddhist Country. There are some muslims in the south And there is some Chinese spiritual influence. So many of the Thais pray at buddhist temples and Stupas.

If go for a walk around Bangkok. One place I cant remember the name. There is a big Mall there. The locals will Pray at little Stupa’s that are just on the side of the road. They will burn incense and leave flowers. Just as our People practice the holy and Divine tradition of leaving Santa a glass of Milk on Christmas Day. The Thai people Practice the Holy and Divine tradition of leaving Buddha a Bottle of Orange Fanta to sip on during those sweltering summer days.

To give this secret some context. In some respects my heritage is in part English. I study old European occultism deeply, But I would still suggest im a novice on the topic. Im still learning things about the history of things like what we call ‘Great Britain’ that illustrate to me I have no fuckin clue about our own peoples culture and history. Thats the nature of the complexity of our history & societies. Complex.

So Im writing this to enlighten you about Thailand to an extent. Yeah its a buddhist country. The Thais are primarily Buddhist. But It’s still more complex than that.

When you get down to the business of studying the broader Pantheon of Thai Deity what you will find is that many of their Gods are Vedic.

A while back I was trying to teach people that the name Australia….It’s not an unreasonable conclusion to understand it as party derived from Vedic words.

So the native Australian spirituality is obviously in some part influenced by the vedas or the ancient Indian conceptions of spirit and deity.

But the big secret and all I really wanted to convey to you about Thailand is. That my feeling even through a not all together in-depth study of their Gods.


Or in Part. Vedic.

Ive told you before. I haven’t studied the Vedas yet but will soonish. But the vibe I get is this.

Vedic Gods. Fast. Fast Gods.
Thai Gods. Fast.
Nepali Gods. Kind of Fast Gods.
Afghani Gods. Fast ones. Quick. Spritely like.

I used that teaser image for the post because there are these two eclectic stupas in that image. That’s a photo I would have just normally deleted from my disk. But I was thinking about these temples you find in and around Bangkok that are Indian and have all of these Indian style illustrations on them. You might know the ones Im talking about if you have spent a lot of time on foot in BKK. You’ll notice on one of those stupas there is a hard ascensional sun crown. Ill be writing a post just about those gates soon. But I used that image – Im not sure what those stupas are in BKK….Maybe its an entrance to a temple or just a place where the Thai People Pray. It’s probably a buddhist stupa but it was the closest thing I could find to these Indian temples you find in BKK (Search for Sri Mariamman Temple).

So That is one of the Secrets I have Pillaged from the Thai People in my non-permanent position with the Paratrooping Polenta Patrol.

And by way of compensation. For the theft of national secrets from the people of Thailand.

I will gift the people of Thailand with an Update of Sorts from our own domestic security forces.

Australian Security forces have apprehended a NZ man by the name of Rhys Montague Darby.

Rhys will also be known to some people by the Name Murray Hewitt.

He was found to be in the possession of a large green emerald and we believe was harbouring plans to return the emerald to a mummified Feline creatures upward exterior frontward facing Boncely bits.

Australian security forces have now taken that large green emerald and stuck it so deep in Rhys Montague Darby’s Arse. That a proctologist is not even going to be able to Help from this point forward. We are going to need an orthodontist for this one.

Thats all people.

Thai Gods. In part. Vedic Gods.

Fast ones.

Like a Cheetah. Or a Panther. Or a Tiger….


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