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Acknowledging Australia’s Special Historical Relationship with Nepal.

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about Lebanon. You can’t tell me that since that post there hasn’t been a significant world wide change in the communications about That nation. Just to summarise, my only hope in writing that post was that the leaders of our nations would control themselves when representing Lebanon in Media. That we normalise our relations with Lebanon and portray them as nations that have deep shared histories with our people. Not as a nation whose children are deep in debt, not as a nation of salivating terrorists. Just as we wish that our own nations, our own beings and our own families do not suffer under the weight of a curse we wish the same for the people of Lebanon.

I’ll be explicitly clear in that post scenario. Im not asking any nation to open their borders to mass Middle East refugees or anything like that. All I was saying was. “Don’t take and believe at face value what the media portrays about Lebanon. We have to do better than that.” Some people in media have taken this on board and done a good job of understanding and weaving into the Australian narrative positive mature communications about Lebanon. So Im not Asking that our nations do anything for Lebanon more than investing the effort to understand the true history of the nation, our links with it and ensure we communicate about it at the right calibre.

So as that post was able to bring about change I thought I would just write another similar post and talk about Australia’s historic relationship with Nepal.

I wrote recently about Our production of Nepal.TV. I also told you the truth about that Is that I didn’t do it for money or fame. I did it as a young man that was excited by Media Technology.

Excited by practicing my own work. I didn’t know heaps and heaps about Nepal or the people of Nepal. I didn’t do it for humanitarian reasons. Charitable reasons. Like I’ve said before sometimes just approaching your work by doing something that is fun and exciting is the best way to try and create something that is Good.

But what I learned through the production of basically a mini media television station focused just on Nepal is that Australia and Australian’s have a deep and special relationship with the people of Nepal. I can’t really say this is a long relationship because modern Australia is really an infant. Im not here to write words of flattery (甘い言葉) of nations for the sake of international relations. I am here to speak of what I have seen on my journey and shape our interactions with the broader world for the benefit of all. 

In the coming Months and years Australia and Many Australians will have to suffer the sad and bleak realities about what happened with Australia’s participation in Afghanistan. It will be a learning experience. It will teach us that we as a nation can get scenarios very wrong. That Australia can make big mistakes. The truth about that Scenario for me is that I never believed in it, Never condoned it and personally think it is a disgrace. I left Australia for a decade as Australia went to Afghanistan and Iraq Because I knew that the Spirit leading Australia was wrong at the time.

Well despite the shame that there have been other Australians doing wrong abroad in different nations, from what I saw on the whole running Nepal.TV. It was amazing and truly Inspiring to see the good spirit with which many Australians do Engage with Nepal. Many of the people I did see doing good spirit works in Nepal were not big established charities. They were just good Australian people many who gave generously from their own pockets and their own lives to do good works in the nation of Nepal. Being a part of witnessing many independent Australians Go to Nepal with the intent to do good was a true honour that showed me a potential of Australians that we have not yet fully achieved.

I don’t think I myself or Australia will be basking in the glow of our goodness in the near future. But I can tell you this. The next project we announce will seek to ensure that Australia is committed to building peaceful relationships with every single Asian nation. To ensure that every single Australian would feel comfortable and safe stepping into any asian nation for travel or trade without the need for accompanying heavy armaments. And that Asian people feel the same way travelling here. If you are Australian having good relationships with Asia doesn’t have to mean giving over our nations to China or any other Asian Country. We can control and influence other nations presence and influence in our own lands as granularly as we please if we endeavour to do so gracefully.

Summarising, In this post I wanted to say thank you to all of the good Australians who have traveled to Nepal to embark on Good works in those Lands. It is our good works and good intentions alone that position us as a nation amongst earths people. 

It has been a major revelation to me over the past weeks that the direction we will be taking in our future works will be to position Australia as a nation that embraces its relationship with Asia.

It is my commitment to you that through my works I will endeavour to create a peaceful Australia that never ever ever again set foot in another asian nation with weapons whether their religion be Buddhist, Zoroastrian, Muslim or Christian.

And as Australians will for the first time in many of their lives will have to come to terms with the trauma that our nations peoples have been petty, selfish, violent and totally ignorant towards other nations and other people. The path toward healing is simply this vision that Australia will one day be a nation that engages with all of Asia as the Christian Leaders of the region. So as pain and suffering ensues in Australia as Individuals, Corporates, Militaries and Governments have to process the pain of what has happened in lands like Afghanistan. Lets do what needs to be done to get the hard part behind us. But again From the works I am about to embark on I can assure Asia from the bottom tip of Japan all the way to the western tip of Iran. If that could conceivably be considered to be clever cartography (Probably not). That Australia will never enter another Asian Nation with armaments and Malicious intent ever again. And that Australia will never align with any nation who would do any such a thing for 1000 years and beyond.

This Gift to the world. Of an Australia with peaceful relationships with Asia will be part of my great works. And Part of what I hope and pray will lead to positive futures of our own peoples.

New Journeys Are about to begin. New Gates. Opening. 

Oh Hey. And let me finish this post with the same words that I used for Lebanon.

Let’s pray that the peaceful relationship and friendship that we have shared with the people of Nepal remains eternal.

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