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All African Nations Will Undergo Deep Investigation into Collusion with USA on Afghan War Crimes.

All African Nations will undergo deep investigation for participation in Afghanistan war crimes.

Nations will be punished if:

  • They colluded with the USA / Germany and other aggressor nations to establish systems of spiritual suppression and exploitation in the lands of Afghanistan.
  • They Profited from the sales of Military armaments or Military Equipment to the militants participating in the war in Afghanistan.
  • Provision or supply of Mercenary forces to act as militia in wars against nations such as Afghanistan.
  • Conspiration to act as a dominating, controlling or curtailing spiritual force over lands masses historically controlled and operated by the people of Afghanistan.

African Nations Need to be informed that these Ancient Asiatic Kingdoms, Such as Thailand, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Nepal Etc Etc…..Are friends of our people and have been for the longest of times. For example I discovered in my family, we all know the Greeks have a Connection to Afghanistan, but even on my Scottish Family we have association with the region from some Scottish git the dipped into the region round 1880-Something. So we are not really playing war politics or engaging in some type of exuberant exploration of Asian cultures and land masses. We are trying to restore moral order and stability to regions where we wish that the principal organising factor across the lands is a basic human decency that we all pray resides in our children from the point of birth.

If any African nations fail in these checks punishments should be administered such as Bankrupting of appropriate corporate Entities, Incarceration of Corporate or Tribal leaders implicated in Gun Running or Military Action.

We Expect to see an Africa and an America that is exuberant to be living in grace and harmony with the lands of Afghanistan and its people.





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