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As Above So Below – You Don’t Have To Travel In Japan the J Way.

I just wanted to start writing short posts about my travels in Japan and other places, Just incase you got like the Bazooka, Banana Bender, Nuclear Catastrophe Version –> It wasn’t really like that. I worked 5 days a week and got to live in a bunch of different towns.

But for Japanese People. I spoke before about Thai men. I managed to get through there without getting the shit kicked out of me. What happens in life is you go through something like a ‘living soul’ Judgement. So I traveled through a lot nations. Picked up their light and spat positive light to a lot of the world. I really think that is why in some ways Im still alive. There is a clock they tell you everywhere. But its kind of like a speeding clock. But for me I did this thing where I went through a bunch of places I didn’t even know. And Just gave them the benefit of the doubt. My light said. This is a beautiful land. Come visit these people. What the Japanese People did to me. Is I went into their land to have a genuine experience. And they coated me in shit light. Well I wouldn’t be feeling safe As a Japanese Man where I stand anywhere. What are you doing to people? What are you actually trying to achieve? Whats the big picture? I Don’t think they have a clue. Anyways the point is –> Go to Japan, Learn it. But learning goes 2 ways.

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