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Australia Is Going to Lead in Rapid Flight Security Shut Downs.

A while back I did a little work just when things started shutting down.

Talking about what I want to see happen with air traffic. These are things that I can’t accomplish and don’t really seek to develop myself or profit from myself. So I kind of brief people openly and let Australia as a whole take care of the rest.

Australia is going to lead in National level full flight service shut downs.

So Australian policing and security systems will work this way.

Lets say a man from a foreign land participates in a Sex Assault. Its a very specific crime. But lets just say one of the more horrible crimes that no nation wants happening in their land. If such events happen. And security forces have solid evidence, convictions, arrests etc etc. I want the chain of command to allow flight shut downs.

We may close out nations for weeks or months. All shut downs will be designed to send a message to nations and nations people. But no messages will be sent as acts of example or demonstration. It will be a very real system. The actual crimes or perpetrators may never be put in the public eye. Over time data will emerge that will teach us how to manage relationships only.

Another Case Example. Just two men one a traveler ending up in a fist fight. In more extreme cases. These events may lead to full scale nation wide flight shut downs. Just to and from one particular nation. The nation of the perpetrator.

I want to see this in play in under two years from Australia opening to international travel. It sounds like a big undertaking. But I think Highly possible. Logistically possible.

It will just be another security and communications system for our nations. When one man creates harm in our lands. All of the people from theirs will become aware. Just teaching and feedback. The perpetrators will experience more I guess justice. Nations will wish and invest to ensure their people behave well and understand our customs.

So expect in the years to come If Ethiopian Extremists Create Calamity in Australia. What you will hear in the news is a single nation flight shut. Investigations. Shut down periods. Flights Bans. A single nation will be put out of joint for a period. But everyone will be safer and everyone will learn.

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