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Australia Secluded City / Region Order.

This Is Just A Short Secluded Region Notice.

That Australia Will Be Creating Regions / Cities That Principally Permits Entry And Residence For Caucasians. Anglo Celts. Anglo Saxons. Of The Angelica Caucasiatic Persuasion.

They Will Not Permit Asian Tourists, Negro Or Indo Brown Visitors Or Residents.

It’s Possible That I Will Also Be Advising On Caucasian Only Nations In The Future.

Such Cities May Already Exist On Earth. This Planning is Critical For The Continuation And Growth Of Our People.

Before Suggesting This Is Racist. There Are African Nations With Very Strict Visa And Media Access Laws. We Don’t Have an Issue With This, As Long As Such Regions Are Not Used To Generate Bad Spirit On Earth.

These Are Long Term Planning Projects And More Detail Will Be Posted In The Future.   

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