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Australia / UK To Reduce Foreign Intake Of Thai Students To Higher Education Facilities

Thais Are Ultimately Using Higher Education Facilities In Their Nation As A Place For Fraud.

It’s Not Safe Or Viable For Australians To Travel In Thailand Because The People Just Lie And Steel.

What Do We Want Or Need Of Thai People In Our Higher Education Facilities?

I Have Personal Anecdotes Of Western Business Trying To Incorporate Thais Into Advanced Functions. They Fail.
Because You Get A Monkey Brained Monster That Doesn’t really Know What Is Building etc etc. You Can’t Integrate Culture / Language + High End Skill Like Engineering And Just Deliver It To A Being And Get An Equally Competent Being.

I Think That We Need To Be Saying, Less Thais Visiting Australian Education Institutions. Most Australian Cities Are A Soup Of Asians Who Think They Are Welcome Wherever They Position Themselves As A Birthright. Its Not Like That, You Have To Earn Your Place To Be Amongst Our People. Thai People Haven’t Earned A Position Amongst Our Society. They Are Not Even People I Enjoy Being Amongst As I Have First Hand Experience Of Their True Nature.

This Is A General Advisory To University Institutions And Broader Societal Institutions To Reject Applications For Attendance To Our Higher Education Facilities. Generally We Want The Energy From These Facilities Channeled Toward Our Own People And We Want Races With Cursing Spirits Such As Thai To Be Excluded Or Reduced in Number From Being Present.

Because Of The Broad Distances In Our Culture It Is Also Likely That Thais Will Be Targeted In Esoteric Hazing Rituals As They Attend Our Education Institutions.

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