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Brief On Colonisation Of Nepal

Im Not Going To Do A Judgement Post For Nepal. You’ll Probably Understand The Judgement From The Tone Of This Post.

We Don’t Recognise A ‘Nepali’ Race. We Don’t Especially Recognise Their Language Or Have An Interest In It.

As We Have Described Of Other Races. What We See Is A Ignorant Violent Minded Monkey God Worshiping Nigger Shit Pipe.

I Want To See Established Towns / Cities Of Caucasians In This Nation.

Id Suggest We Only Need To Be Present Primarily In Kathmandu & Pokhara.

So that We Don’t Produce Our Own Lumbini/Sihanoukville. And When I Say That I Mean A Half Developed Incomplete Shithole.

Id Suggest Instead Of Thinking Cities, Think Like Large City Blocks. Or Caucasian Only Suburbs.

There Is No Point Being Over Optimistic. Maybe Initial Capacity In Kathmandu Planning For 5 – 10000 Permanently Residing Citizens. And Pokhara 1 – 2000.

The Establishment Of Permanent Caucasian Townships In These Lands Will Be Part Of Broader Defence Against Chinese And Indian Imperialism Which Is A Violent Menace Against Our Humanity.

The Message To The Nepali  Peoples Will Strictly Be, As Our People Are Present In These Lands, Which They Have Every Right To Be, If You Ever Place Your Hands On Them In An Inappropriate Manner, Entire Townships Of Nepalis Will Be Carpet Bombed.

At Present Nepali People In Our Lands Are On On Site Execution / Hard Elemental Death Purge Terms. They Need To Be Informed That If Nepali People Are Found In A State Of Transgression Against Our Peoples, Our Spirit Or Our Intention To Create What We Are Creating. Im Talking Acts Such As Theft, Deception, Dishonourable Media Communication Toward Our People.  The Nepali Being Can Be Executed On Site. I Advise Submitting The Being To The Ground And Delivering Hard Compressing Blows To The Throat & Skull With The Base Of The Foot.

Our Elders Are To Be Advised That The Deaths Of Nepalis On Our Lands In The Event They Need To Be Executed Should Not Be Treated With Concern.

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