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Brief On The Use Of The Name Australia

Firstly I’m Going To Refer You To This Video Where I Was Introduced To This Concept. Please Note The Publisher Of This Video Was Aggressively Curtailed By Youtube After Publishing This.

I Refer To Romley Stewart’s Work A Bit, And He Was The Source For One Of Our Alphabet Keys For Q. (PLEASE GET BACK TO WORK YOU LAZY CUNT.)


Watch This Video. The Legality Side Is A Bit Beyond Me.

But He Is Saying They Incorporate On Islands Right. And Then Preside Over A Land Mass. By Containing People In Their Corporations.

Thats Why I Make The References To Piracy In My Work.

Original Pirate Material. You’re Listening To The Streets. 

They Also Practice A Form Of Soul Piracy.

It’s Also Why There Is So Much Occultism Around The Ocean. They Deceive You About Its True Nature. The Cults That Try To Contain Us Violently Are Seafarers. 

Anyways Review That Video And Understand What He Is Trying To Teach.

I Just Did A Lesson On Reading News. News.com.au Is One Of The 5 Australian News Sites I Scan Daily. As Far As Im Concerned Its A Turd Burger.

But One Day. A Story Came Down The Piper On That Site. About The Name Australia. Essentially Confirming The Land Is Not Named Australia. Finding Good News Is Like Finding A Needle In A Turd Stack On That Site. 

I’m Going To Start Naming The Region Something Else In My Work And I’ll Give More Detail About That Soon. We Are Not Obligated To Give The Lands A Single Name.

But in This Brief In Addition To Asking You To Study Romley’s Interpretation.

I Wanted To Share Mine.

So The Name K’gari For Fraser Island. Implies. Heavy Material Eye. Not Dead Eye. Not Base Material Eye. Heavy Material Eye. Too Much Consumerism No Connection To Spirit. Implying You Are Too Retarded To See The Clever Crafty Coon Witch Hex.

This Is What Australia Reads.

Divine Birth Unholy Transmutation Saturn Divine Base Eye Divine.

If You Study Our Read Types. We Have A Pair Read. We Do That Because The Phonetic Pattern Of The Read – I Find Pair Patterns Helps And It Helps You Get A Strong Resonance With What Is Trying To Be Conveyed In the World.

If You Look At The Circuit Read. Start And End Letter. It’s A Divine Creation. Every Breton Ashkenazi Nigger’s Shit Pipe Is Divine. Ain’t It Just?

But Let’s Check Out 2 Of The Pairs.


Saturn Divine. Again. Heavy Material Divinity. Not So Divine In Other Words. 

Base Eye. Not Awakened Eye. Physical Matter Eye. Not Divine Spiritual Eye.

Anyways, Those Pairs. Teach You. Why Australia Is Named Such.

There Are A Bunch Of Germano Ashkenazo Angelo Breto Culto Fago Motherfuckers In Da Room Upstairs. Trying To Feed On Our Blood. Implying Its A Store Space For People With A Dead Eye. Which It Is Not.

Unfortunately Folk. The Reality Of The Eye. Is Not A Metaphorical Or Theoretical Concept. It’s Literal. If We Open It And They Administer Us Under A Violent Trust. We Can Lay Em Down In Their Pierre Coffin. Meaning Stu Gets His Daily Mahogany.

That’s All Folks, Hope The Two Pieces Of Info Clarify For You The Reasons Behind The Name. Will Clarify How I Will Refer To Australia Soonish.

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