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Brief To The People Of Cambodia On Media Coverage Of Angkor Wat

This Is A Short Brief For The People Of Cambodia On Angkor Wat Media Coverage.

There Are A Variety Of Indo Brown History Presenters On Platforms Like Facebook And Youtube Who Claim The Temple Site Is Hindu And The Indian People Are A Key Part Of Its Creation.

Frankly Speaking. I Just Don’t For A Second Believe A People’s Who’s Primary Qualities Are Deception, Theft, Fraud And Skullduggery. Have The Wisdom or Technology That Would Enable Them To Create A Temple Site Like Angkor Wat.

Of Course, Such Presenters Being Part Of Blue Blood Cults.  Receive Millions Upon Million Of Views Creating A False Impression Of The Traditional Peoples Of Cambodia.

In Comparison. Our Peoples, Scottish For Example. Have Masonry All Around The World That Shows The Mark Our Kings Have Left On Foreign Lands And Our Capability In Advanced Stone Masonry. Further, Alexander Considered A Pharaoh Of Egypt Was Welcome As King In A Lands With Some Of The Most Sophisticated Masonry On Earth. Created In Geometric Patterns That Are Replicated In Mysterious Places All Around The World Such As Eastern Europe And South America. This Indicates An Earth With Sophisticated Interconnected Consciousness Networks And Technology Sharing Between Races.

Finally, It’s Even Speculated That Historic Egyptian Pharaohs Were Of Irish Blood Line. Ireland And The Celtic Have An Occultism That Is Deep And Mysterious Which My Own Exploration Of Is Shallow.

Ultimately, Our People Would Never Share Such Technology Secrets That Would Allow Sophisticated Masonry Projects Like Angkor Wat With Races Like Indians. 

It’s Evident That The Masonry Faces Engraved In Angkor Wat Are Cambodian Blood Line. The Advice I Would Give To Cambodian People. Is That They Take Objection To Indo Brown Imperial Claims That Angkor Is A Hindu Temple. A Religion With Interesting Characters And A Positive Narrative. But Realistically A Religion Inferior To Our Own Peoples Deep Spiritual Practices. And Most Likely Your Peoples.

The Indians Make All Sorts Of Mysterious Claims Also About Buddha. Who They Claim Was Born In India. I Don’t Know The True Answer To That Story But I Doubt He Was Indian And I Am Also Sceptical About The Narrative He Was Nepali.

Indians Will To Spread False Spiritual Narratives Whilst Conducting Themselves As Demons In All Lands They Inhabit. Is Part Of An Ancient Imperial Hunger That Sees Them Eating Anything And Everything They Can Get Their Hands On At The Cost Of A True And Sincere Human Spirit.

It’s Likely Angkor Was Was Created By Advanced Asiatic Races. Possibly Even With The Technology Of A Few Caucasians Involved. Who Knows If We Were Present in Your Lands Back Then. My Belief Is The Pharaohs Of Kemet Have Been All Across The Lands Of Earth For Many Thousands Of Years. Like I Said. It Appears Such Sites Were Built As Advanced Integrated Consciousness Networks. We Are Rowdy And Creative People. It Gives People The Capacity To Spread All Kinds Of Slander About Us. But We Don’t Create Sihanoukville’s. Chinese People Do.

The Message To The Cambodian People Again Is, Discourage Such Narratives From Being Perpetuated. Petition Platforms Like Youtube That Lust on Blue Blood Cults Spreading Imperial Fraud. They Have Hordes Of Indians In Their Coding Offices. Why Do You Think Indians Spreading Deceit Have Millions Of Youtube Views. Just Like In Our Lands. They Aspire To Fuck You In The Brains And Take What Belongs To You. They Aspire To Fuck Everyone In The Brains And Occupy Their Lands.

Numerous Times As I Travelled I Had To Correct The Spirit Of The Indians That Surround Me. Admittedly On Days When I Did So, The Thais Clearly Put Them In Line. In New Savile, The Indo Browns Are Out Of Control Monsters. You Don’t Want Such A Scenario Manifesting In Your Lands.

Communication With Media Networks And Digital Platform Providers That Operate In Your Land Will Help Maintain A Truthful Spirit Across Your Land That Will Ensure Your Children Inherit Your Spectacular Creations Of The Past Allowing Them To Aspire To An Equally Spectacular Future.

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