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Broadly Understanding The Spiritual Planes That Exist On Earth – And What Im Going to Do about It.

So this is kind of a Map of how I see the world now. In a spiritual sense. And what I am going to do about it.

Lower Spiritual Punishment Zones:
– The USA is a lower punishment zone. Don’t agree? I’d suggest the letters USA imply otherwise. The flag also suggests that to me. I read this news story and I got the vibe (unvalidated vibe) that that magical system was established by an old German King.
– Israel is the poop shoot. That is the shit hole. Exit only. I have spelled this out in detail elsewhere.
– I have a feeling that England is going to be a spiritual punishment zone, based on their conduct on earth. You can see it in London through the underground.

Higher Zones:
There are lots of nations that indicate they are nations of higher spiritual fabric. I won’t go writing a list, but there is something about the Himalayan region that there is some force there that is about protecting life or spirituality. When I say this I mean the mountains in nations like Afghanistan, Northern India, Pakistan etc etc. There is the concept of Shangri-La. They lie a lot about what is up there. They lie about the populations. They lie, They Lie, They Lie. Don’t they? I’ve done a little recon in my time. But I think there are forces up there that are about protecting life on earth if humans go unholy headed down here. I find it really fascinating that the temples they portray in the Mountains in Kafiristan (The Man Who Would be King) look exactly like the ones I visited in Tibet. So up in those mountain regions there is a Holy Zone.

What I’m going to do about it:

I have mentioned before the Bhagavad Gita. Can’t wait to explore. But there was one line someone referenced from that that went something like this.

‘There is only one place and it is this’ (Please excuse me if this is wrong, its just from memory Im pulling that out.)

That kind of influenced me and it put my head right as far as my vision on earth.

So I don’t have a vision of slipping into a mountain paradise Called Shangri-La and kicking it with the holy people. In every generation there are big life testing rituals. Thats what ‘The man who would be king’ is about. Many men were tested. Most failed.

I kind of see my life work as bringing more of the holiness in those mountains down here. Because we went too far the wrong way and it is not acceptable that we turn these lands into a catastrophe and give future generations the burden of cleaning up. Although some of those beautiful Pashtun Girls up there in those mountains have been helpful in some of my self stimulus sessions here. Which is appreciated. Thank you.

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