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Clarifying Some Thoughts on Israel – Israelites

So when I wrote some posts on Israel Recently I demonstrated Israel is


God or


But As I use the words. What I think you are saying is

The Moon-Sun God. Or The Moon Sun Force.

So its not like the Moon + Sun + God.

Its like the Godly force of just The Moon and The Sun. (i.e Forces Beneath God)

Keep in mind I know very little Hebrew, But As I meditate on these words and listen to them in Alpha Blondy Tracks – like we’re supposed to. They start to become clearer.

Sometimes when you read the bible through the lens of these understandings it makes more sense, but not always. Keep in mind translators and even writers didn’t always understand these concepts.

So The Israelites are literally those still controlled and influenced by the forces of the Sun and the Moon. The Israelites are the ignorant or the ungodly trapped in Egypt, The Black land or land of Ignorance. Trapped Beneath Babylon and Some Golden Light Fittings.

Egypt and the surrounding nations are regions that have both seen times of great light and times of suppression and blackness.

So there is only one way out of the land of Blackness and it requires a lot of Sun first. There are lots of folks engaging in really petty Saturnian Magic. It Gets pretty repetitive and Shit. If you are some type of Blue Blood. I wouldn’t be playing tribalism Games just now. We are reasonable people. I would be practicing your red game. Id be letting a little sunshine in. Let it be known which way you are going.

Given the long history of this saturnian suppression, our people are not in the mood for it. I would suggest if that is what you are serving you correct yourself promptly. Because As the light keeps coming through. We will have no mercy for your ignorance and your improper use of spirit at this time of great importance to our people.

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