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Consolidation of Air Transport Industry will result in the Formation of a National Scottish Airline.

This is some Guidance as to what will come out of the Consolidation of Commercial airliners that is Happening around earth.

As a part of security directives we have produced for the UK, Scotland will become a major transport hub in that region. It is not acceptable that Scotland have the Airport Infrastructure, the logistical capability but not their own established National Carrier.

These arrangements will made by the global Aviation Industry as a Gift for Scotland’s Honourable Conduct over the past centuries on earth. Living in Such a Cold Grey place yet Still Honourable. God only knows how they manage that.

– The Airline will launch with 77 Craft that will be contributed as part of the corporate M&A Activity that is taking place. No Costs or Debts will be incurred by the Scottish people for the Craft.
– I am specifying Craft of typical Airliner Capacity. 150 -300 Seats. Don’t give them all of your unwanted A380’s. Good ones.
– The Aircraft will be of the newest and safest models available.
– The people of Scotland will permanently own 77% Of the Carrier. Allowing 23% of the carrier to be owned by a diversity of international holders. These dealings will be arranged by the people of Scotland and Share Holders found to be unfit overtime can be bought out of their holding and replaced.
– International Share Holders should have the same focuses of interest in aviation and positive, well intentioned travel and travel destinations.
– The same over land flight noise standards we have requested of Australia should also be considered for flights over the lands of Scotland and the rest of the UK.
– The logistical Operation of the Carrier will not be to favour employment of Scottish Pilots or Engineers but at each point to provide employment to the most fit person to guarantee the safety of travel for all those concerned.
– Ultimately there will be benefits of employment for Scottish people through standard airline jobs, and further running a national carrier will come with tourism and exposure benefits.
– I don’t intend on doing the branding work for an undertaking such as this but could probably do so better than you. When it is done it had better be good.

So that is my vision people. I would suggest that if you are in the Aviation Industry and you wish to be a part of the future of Europe you make it happen as outlined here. I will keep an eye on progression of consolidation activity in that industry.

I don’t know if Holy people fly a lot or need to fly a lot. But lets make sure we get our affairs and the future of those earth workers right before we get all caught up in heaven on earth. I think that planning on the commercial future of Scotland and its connecting relationships with the rest of the worlds nations is important.

To cross the spiritual barriers that I speak of, it takes self sacrifice. I speak of travelling the world. But you will seldom hear me speaking of staying in fancy hotels or apartments. Im sure that the people of Scotland have made the same Sacrifices in order to uphold morality before superficial profit. What I am asking the world to do now is repay that sacrifice with planning for the future of that nation and its people.

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