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Expanding Nationality List of Assailants In Australian Gun Point Sex Assault.

This is just expanding the list of Assailants we are considering implicated in a forced gun point sex assault and abuse case that took place in Australia in 2017.

The Initial focus on Assailants was of being we describe as Germanic Ashkenazi Jewish Blood lines or English Ashkenazi Jewish Blood Lines. This focus was all accurate And these blood lines are under extreme scrutiny in our lands for participating in crimes of violence, deception, sexual abuse and administration of false law over our lands.

Nations we are adding now include:

  • The Nation of Japan. (It’s Believed that this event was coordinated in part in meeting rooms in the Nation of Japan)
  • The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. (It’s believed that Saudis with connections to Japan and participating in business meetings in the United States of America were also in part responsible for coordinating these events.)
  • Men Describing themselves as African American originating from the USA.
  • The Nation of Iran

Previous nations we have included in this event include Israel and the USA.

I will be expanding on this issue with bespoke communications to all nations involved so that we can hope to see rectification in conduct over time.


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