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Expressing Australia’s Desire To Enter Peaceful relations with Afghanistan.

This is a broad policy Outline that states that Australia as a nation will seek to enter peaceful relations with Afghanistan.

I have done some amount of research on Australia’s participation in this. Like I said. For the last decades. I had my mind in other places.

What it seems is. Australia’s Military participation ended quite a number of years ago. And then we switched to probably what I would describe as sleazy neo liberal corporate colonialism.

What Id like to see. Is a period of time where Australia deals with Afghanistan as friends. Not with a desire to trade and exchange and make money. Although it seems like this is what we humans should be doing with each other. Trading. Given the bad history I would like Australians to be thinking ‘Lets hope we see good things happen in Afghanistan’. Corporate Neo Colonialism doesn’t work. Not as a desire to I don’t know, patch up a bodgy war with more poorly planned neo colonialism.

Step back from the whole scenario. Listen to more of their people. What are they saying? Caring for people starts by listening to them.

From me i’m not going to be paying any more attention to Afghanistan than any other Asian nation. One of my take aways from studying Alexander is I kind of ask myself the question. Was he being tested and did he just go the wrong way? Maybe he should have gone the other way and ended up in Ibiza?

Thats the main point I wanted to get across. Going into Afghanistan to make a bunch of corporate money. Bad timing. Im going to aim my communications to demonstrate that we understand them as a peoples firstly. And hope that one day our children walk through their lands armed with little more than a handshake.

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