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Follow Up Points on Our African Cannabis Decree and Migration Thoughts.

First I wanted to make a few small points on the decree we published about Cannabis in Africa. And then our Post on Migration.

Cannabis Prohibition is closely linked to what I would call curse policy that has operated on earth for hundreds of years now. I personally got raided for Cannabis, since being assaulted by police and threatened with Jail I have given up 0 Days Of my free right to grow Cannabis. It is so important for the consciousness and health I generally would advise people the same. If you need it, don’t ever give it up.

So I published that decree focused on Africa because with just basic research I can see that Africa has the same blue parasite in many nations relating to this issue. Growing Cannabis in the home is one of the best ways to stabilise yourself as a being and can provide a multitude of benefits for the family.

One small piece of Advice, men that use slang words for cannabis to criticise it and paint a poor picture of it are mostly worth ignoring. These words mean nothing. Men that try to enforce Cannabis Prohibition can be Jailed.

So in terms of improving living conditions and all around wellbeing in Africa, I think that decree is important and generally in time to come we should see news of progress on that issue coming from Africa. Generally when we look to foreign nations to see their states of spiritual progress, this is an issue we can use as a measuring stick.

Finally I just wanted to say I think my post on Migration from Africa was quite fair. If any African read that and we said, there are big issues with the traditional people of Australia that are not solved. Why would an African Want to migrate and make their issues trump people more in need? A bit selfish yes?

Also with the points I made on Italy, I think quite fair. And deep down the sense I am getting from studying work from Italy (I don’t speak Italian But I can still study Italian Films) Is that I sense an unhappiness with affairs coming from that region.

So I can tell you as a man that has travelled to other nations. You want to go to a nation ready to welcome you. If the Italian People are unhappy in their own nation because of poor political management, why would you as an African Man want to go there? I wouldn’t. I would want to make sure all of the people were happy as a nation if I travelled there. That is just the sense I get. Italy needs to get the Big Blue Parasite off it before It thinks of African Migration as an Issue. Anyways on the whole I think It was fair and If I was an African person reading it I would have thought the same. I Also think that suggesting Africa as a continent being big enough to manage its own political issues internally would be a reasonable vision. Then Africa Should get to the point where all it has to offer the world is refined folk that wish to migrate for life experience. Reasonably positive vision.

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