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Foreign Policy Renders formal Apology to the nation of Lebanon for Distant Peace Offerings.

On this somber day. The 15th of that month. 2020. I would like to offer a formal apology to the people of Lebanon for my distant and Luke warm words of Peace.

In that post I suggested that I knew little of the lands of Lebanon, and had never visited.

The truth is that my Ancestors used to be in business there. Horses. I believe they ran a track. Quite a large operation If my research is correct.

If my study of History is correct, even in those times – a date approximately a few hundred years after what Christians might refer to as the Ascension of Christ (Apologies still studying that story.) – our people were more civil than modern medias might intend to portray. I believe the fact of the matter is that In those times in the lands known as Lebanon we were not into all that gladiator blood and guts stuff. That’s just Russel Crow’s funny head working over time in Romulus and Remus land. Taking you back too far to the barbarians. Betraying the true history of the Roman Peoples. Oh Im being a bit too hard on Russel. I guess Mr Phoenix Needs to hold the weight on that one too.

So our people’s history is not just tied to Cat. There is surely a lot of Cat in our past. I’m not just talking domesticated felines. Im talking Big Cat. Real Big Cat. I’m becoming quite the Zoologist.

But we were Big on Horses also. Real big. And folks would in their time of recreation visit the races to watch the games and what not. A little more civil than Joaquin’s rendition of our Holy Roman Histories.

Unfortunately it seems the people of Lebanon let that fall into a state of Disrepair. Maybe it is the rough and uncivil ways of the Arab that has left our ancient relics fall into such a poor way.

Oh well, so be it. Being honest Im not so Big on horse racing any way. I do abstain from celebrating the Melbourne cup. Not one for Polo myself. Too taxing. I think we will find civil and practical ways to commune with our horses. I’m not like those Skirt Wearing Maori Mateys. When they go for a trot on their horse and someone charges them with crimes of chivalry. They get all delicate and sensitive and emotional about it. Just for a little Horse play. We weren’t like that with our horses back in Lebanon. When it was Horse time, it was Horse time for Everyone. No apologies. No regrets.

Who knows what the future holds for the recreations of the people of Lebanon. I see some casual relaxed dining environments. Open Air. Like they do in cities like Chiang Mai or Krung Thep Mahanakhon Amon Rattanakosin Mahinthara Ayuthaya Mahadilok Phop Noppharat …………….
Maybe a little outdoor dining, light meals, libations + a few Standup comedians. An atmosphere thing.

It’s not all for me to design. You people have to be part of building it yourself. Ill sit back and watch. And just hope some horses are included in such a refined way that no harm is done and our horses are harnessed to the greatest effect.

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