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Foreign Policy TV Issues Advisory that all nations cease flights to and from the United States of America.

This advisory is to exclude
– Freight flights for the time being.
– Repatriation flights that will cease at the state of their completion.
– Any necessary humanitarian/medical flights.
– Flights allowing the repatriation of foreign citizens living in America are to be ongoing.

The United States of America is about to begin it’s judgement for its conduct as a military state across earth for the last several hundred years.

I would suggest this could take up to 5 years or longer before the earth as a whole feels comfortable welcoming America Back into open relations.

Any foreign corporations with joint relations with the USA should fear no legal repercussions. Any foreign debts held with Monetary funds, US based financial institutions can be disregarded by nations that have had relations with the USA or any other Internationally based Monetary Body. They will all ultimately be nullified until your nations and nations people feel that your affairs are going in the right direction.

Nations in regions such as the south americas that have corporation or intergovernmental relations with the USA, are welcomed to begin civil repatriations and take over any assets, operations or resources owned or operated by corporations operating from within the USA.

The ultimate aim of this directive that all material resources belonging to for example nations of South America be returned to the benefit of the peoples of those nations. Such nations can decide on how to interact with America once Americas judgments are complete.

This is only a broad directive of what I wish to see happen. I will observe each nation and see how they execute and what decisions are made.

I have shown considerably more grace to communities in America than those communities have shown me. They are now ultimately in a Situation that they are in a box of their own creation. Unfortunately the conversations with all the people of earth need to be had. And I genuinely feel that not going through this process with America will leave many people in many nations with an uneasy stomach.

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