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Foreign Policy TV Issues Guidance on Travel Security from the Americas.

This is to give broad guidance on how travel arrangements should be structured for the Americas while the USA Goes through its judgement for it’s conduct across earth.

I would like to see the land borders sealed at Mexico and Canada. I would like our nations relations with that continent only allow flights between the Nations of Canada, Mexico and any nations South of Mexico that are operating at an acceptable level.

I would like to see flight relationships between foreign nations and the nation of Mexico only operate out of airports in the Southern regions of Mexico. So any Americans wishing to leave by land have further security checks to pass.

Beings that are Mexican for example that live in America will be free to stay during these times or return to their own nations. Transport arrangements should be made available for such journeys.

There are many people in America that are about to go through their spiritual testing. For that testing to take place it is important the nation is sealed and there are only finite ways in and out.

Hopefully if I do give guidance on how I think is most secure to proceed, some nations will feel more comfortable resuming flights in the nearer future.

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