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Guidance on the Hong Kong Scenario.

It is my preference that Australia do not focus on that now.

England as an international criminal state that is yet to undergo its own punishments for participating in crimes against the people of earth are in no position to be directing that issue. England has well over a decade of consolidation, punishment and restitution of its own to deal with let alone interfering with other nations.

It is to be managed by China. China is expected to demonstrate it is managing it in a humane manner. This is with consideration that there are disruptive corrupt European forces causing disruption in that region now.

If there is any need for political Asylum, Medical Transportation it is to be handled in:

  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Or the Multitude of neighbouring Asian Nations that are more than capable in terms of ability and infrastructure to play a supporting role.

Australia has many other issues to focus on and it is my view that this event in Hong Kong is being
– Orchestrated by nefarious forces
– Being used as a distraction from critical issues of focus.

Forces in Our nations found to be
– Using this event for political manipulation
– Using it as a distraction or time waster for our own domestic affairs
– Using it as a distraction from Focus on English or American International Crimes
– Using it as a means to exploit Australian Resource or resource of our nations.

Will face acute punishments.

I would advise any Australian Or European forces that do have a stake in that issue, maybe with family or even a commercial interest to demonstrate they are collaborating with China in a fashion not intended to cause disruption.

As Far as England Goes, the world has not even begun to stipulate how it will be curtailed for its conduct on earth. Doing so will be a lengthy process.

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