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How India Weaponises Its People In An Occult War Against Our Beings. 

I Am Going To Start This With Some Interesting Background Information On Indians.

If You Watch The Indiana Jones Film. Essentially The Etymology Or How I Break Down The Meaning Of That Film Name.

Indian Land Compassion. Something Like That.

Or Grace And Compassion For Indian Land. That Was My Read. Not Sure of 100% Accurate. But Indiana Seems To Reference Indian Land.

Anyways, Watched 5 Minutes Of The Latest Indiana Jones Film. Pure Shite. Deleted.

But Leading Onto Another Interesting Point.

Homie Hans. Kind Of Speculates. Is There Any Difference In Race Between India’s Indians. And American Indians?

They Say, Sanskrit Is Found In The Americas. I Would Be Guessing That All Of The Blood Of The Americas And South Americas There Is Some Difference In Blood.

But Indiana Jones. Indian Land. An American Film Production. I Don’t Think They Are Bankrolling Those Films To Plug American Indian Land. I Think They Are Bankrolling To Cast Hermetic Magic And Brain Infiltration To Support Indo Brown Indian Imperialism.

I Also Believe That You Get 20 – 50 Indo Browns In A Room With Media Prod Skills. You Could Easy Bang Out A Block Buster Piece of Shit. Like Indiana Jones For Much Less Than The Budgets They Report. Much Of What They Tell You About Film Production Is Fraud.

Anyways Ill Leave Those Thoughts At That And Touch On It Again As I Do A Race Decode Of India.

Now Im Just Going To Write A Few Stories About How The Indo Browns Operate In Our Nations.

In Terms Of The Language We Use To Teach Our Men About Different Races. Their Spirit. Their Energy. Their Intention Around Our Beings. At This Points. We Don’t Care About What Indian People Think About The Terminology We Use. The Teaching We Give. Our Concern Is The Continuation Of Our People. The Delicate Sensibilities Of A Mob Of Filthy Nasty Brown Monster Cunts Means Nothing To Us. We Will Teach What We Need To Teach, How We Need To Teach When We Need To Teach. 

Now A Story About My Times In Thailand. Some Years Ago When I Lived In The South Of Thailand. I Met An Indian Guy, A Friend Of A Friend. I Hung Out At His Restaurant. Generally Supported Him. I Actually Spotted Him This Recent Time In Think But Didn’t Talk To Him. Anyways I Hung Out At His Restaurant, Ate His Food Drank His Drinks. Bought Some Weed From Him. Anyways This Time In Siam. There Is An Indian Dude In My School. I Said To Him, Do You Know That Dude Named X. And He Says, No That Name In Our Culture Means Drugs. So Buying Some Weed. This Indian Culture That Portray Themselves As Alternate Open Minded Herbal Medicine Users. Are Really. Spineless Little Dibber Dobber Rats And Roaches. Trying To Rat You Out As A Drug User. But Not Investing In Or Teaching Truths About The Critical Importance Of These Herbal Remedies To Our Spiritual Growth. 

We Have Demonstrated Fidelity To The Cannabis Industry For Decades. And What A Spastic Retard Indian And Its Filthy Spirit Has To Say About The Medical Substances We Choose To Consume. It Means Nothing To Us. 

We Also Have Really Early Comms Coming Out Of That Part of The World Of Occulted Communications Saying “Please Don’t Turn The People Against The Energetic Extraction Systems” – Why?

Simple. Because Thats What The Indo Browns Are Building And Profiting From. Feeding On our Blood.

If You Look At This Image. You Can See An Indo Brown In The Background Making A Telephone Call. What Do You Think It Means? Well If You Look At The Geometry. It’s Relating To The Promotion Of False Light. Masonry. So Its Not A Phone-call In Support Of Me. It’s In Support Of That Cousin Who Is Occult Suppressing Me. That Cousin Has Already Been Told. If She Doesn’t Watch Herself. And Her Filthy Dirty Spirit. We’ll Have Her Uterus. Indians Will Be On The Receiving End Of Similar Unholy Messages Soon. They Need To Begin To Pay Serious Attention To Their Spirit And Their Conduct Whilst In Our Presence.

Just As I Have Said Of The Weaponisation Of Dogs. Indians Are Using Their Numbers As Beings. And Stalking And Harassment Technology To Create Negative Energy Around Our Being. They Are Triangulating To Energetically Suppress Us. Probably Because Their Being Is Lower Energy. Or Negative Suppressive Energy. It’s A Covert War Tactic That They Are Practicing Against Our People In Our Lands.

So I Have Just Added To The Torture Article Just A Short Explanation Of How In That Circumstance They Used Their Being To Practice Elemental Compression In A Confined Space. Yes There Were Indo Browns Involved In That Event As Well As Filipino.


This Is What They Are Practicing On The Lands As A Whole However.

To All Races. We Would Suggest. If You Position Your Being Or An Animals Being To Be An Energetic Imposition On Our People And Our Families. You Are Going To Fall Victim Of A Mysterious Violence. I Think Its Best To Find Something Better To Do With Your Time And Your Minds. 

Every Time There Has Been Murderous Conduct Around My Being In The Past Years. There Are Indians In The Building Taking A Paycheque From The Institution. Practicing Flimsy Occultism. Smiling In Your Face. Plotting Murder. 

In Summary. The Indo Brown Races. Do Not Harbour The Belief That They Are Present On Our Lands. They Harbour The Belief That They Own Everything. It’s A Violent Imperial Race. Violently Imposing On Our Lands. 

Short Of Owning Everything. Their Murderous Conduct During Our Generations. They Will Find They Own Nothing. And Have Tenuous Relations With The Creator. Where We Have Renewed Ours Because Of The Good Spirit of Our Works. 

It’s Telling That While Travelling In Asian Nations Asian Races Will Rapidly Put Indians In Their Place. Yet Australians With Naive Ignorant Brain Conditioning Like Multiculturalism. Will Placate A Race With Nasty Spirits And Violent Intentions Toward Our Humanity. Because Most Australians Break Their Bread By Associating In Low Vicky Zig Blue Blood Mason Cults. 

In Summary Indian Races Are Using Stalking Tech To Triangulate Their Beings Toward Harassing, Energetically Extracting And Elementally Compressing Us. It’s A Violent Suppressive War Tactic.

We Have Already And Will Continue Publishing A Range Of Orders And Briefs To Curtail Indians In Our Nations, Reduce Their Numbers And Ultimately Remove A Maliciously Intentioned Curse Race From The Land.

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